X-Body Training EMS

XBODYFitnessCanada is only for the truly innovative fitness types who really want to up their game.

MBF-Lifestyle is currently looking into getting an Actiwave Device if my client interest is strong enough to merit and justify the purchase.

Although a workout will feel very odd at first, due to the EMS making muscles contract without you moving them at first. However  just get into it and work it out with a deep workout sweat in just 20 minutes of low impact high intensity EMS exercises.

Even though you will be left with sore muscles for a couple of days afterwards, you will love the workout for its efficient intense results.

It is highly recommended for those who are pressed for time , have injuries which prevent more traditional exercise or just those looking for something innovative and unique to shake up their fitness regime. 

The XBody Newave/Actiwave devices are leading the field in whole body EMS in terms of innovation, functionality, education and information capture and provision.

As well as a futuristic apple style design, with touch screen features and unrivalled tracking information via the XBody online system, the device has won numerous design awards including the 2014 FIBO award for its stylish appearance and usability.

The hard work, research and development team of XBody has achieved the ISO 13485:201293/42 EEC Compliance and EN ISO 9001:2015 certificates; and has also implemented an internal Quality Management System to provide confidence that the devices and related services fulfill requirements for highest quality.

It is where you want to be in your personal training and development, since it is beyond what is out there in the mainstream realm of “Personal Training offered at the local Gym. Not that local trainers are not good… they are. It is just that X-Body is the fast track method.

XBody Newave or Actiwave device benefits include a recommended 20 minute workout session twice a week. it’s that simple

This is equivalent to 6 hours of conventional trainingUpward of 2,500 calories burnt from each sessionNo weights – low impactThe machine still allows someone to exercise with many injuries.

No limitation with age (18+), range of motion, weight or size…

Typical improvements are for 20%+ strength, 50%+ endurance increases over 8 weeks….

Xbody world can take you there… let me know if you are interested in being part of it… and share it to your social network from the tabs below…

Go have a look at …X-bodyworld.com and see just what this bad boy can do for you…

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