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  • Claude Edwin Theriault, the Certified Men’s Health and Wellness Therapist, behind Male Beauty Forum,Lifestyle has Moved the art collection from more then 20 years in Toronto; to the Blockchain Art platform of storefronts .
  • And is having a wonderful time showing it to a non insular and accepting culture beyond rural Nova Scotia.
  • Virtual Art Gallery..

Major auction houses are not blind to the trend and are setting records of their own.The number of Digital Art galleries has grown 500% from 1300 to close to 9000 so far this year of 2021. Major auction houses are not blind to the trend and are setting records of their own.Virtual Art Gallery Claude Edwin Theriault.

  • Using NFTokens in smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain where cool digital art is moving to, since mainstream is too insular.
  • See what it looks like at
  • .In a world where mainstream sources are more and more confusing and not as trustworthy as many people like, the MBF Lifestyle page gives people access
  • Claude Edwin Theriault explains that, in the close to 30 years experience he has accrued in the business, he has found and even created a lot of exciting content that is relevant to living a full, rich and affluent lifestyle…. in challenging times.

Los misterios del amor son del alma, pero un cuerpo es el libro en que se leen

Meaning The Mysteries of Love are of the soul, but the body is the book in which they are read.

As is the visual imagery of the man who sculpts the Canadian Full Spectrum of Men via his Body  Work in Alternative therapies . Where the mysteries of the Ebb and Flow of Cerebral Intimacy , is had where the body is the visual source of the message read… if you can Dig that one.

  • Touching on multiple Lifestyle  aspects from bachelor pad wall decor, that has serious punch… to personal development and entrepreneurial achievement, helping people to attain their life goals.Since there has never been a better time in history to do so.

Have a look at pre-press release info Nova Scotia Artist blog page….

Using multiple platforms to share artwork beyond the Insular Halifax realm… Click the slide show below to visit my Fine Arts America page and see eye opening Home Wall Art decor you do not see  in Haligonia…

Timed well well the at times Provincial and conservative Nova Scotia Artist culture is due News and Trends shift; in Claude Edwin Theriault move….continues.

With MBF-Lifestyle studio and extensive art collection setting up home in the Maude Lewis; area of Yarmouth and Digby Co Nova Scotia so as to shed new light on local Nova Scotia French Acadian culture…without changing a thing in the established art scene run by 7 people in Haligonia, 1 in Wolfville ,1 in Yarmouth and 1 in Lunenburg…. Because things just are that way; and will remain so in that Gosh Darn Golly Skiwgly Digly Wigly kind of Maritime Neighbourhood kind of way …a  La Jive at Five…. mode du Jour. Ainsi soit t’il.

Nova Scotia Artist Gallery

NovaScotiaArtistGallery of French Acadian painter Claude Edwin Theriault.

Currently showing his extensive retrospective artworks, from 1980 to the present, sing web 2.0 social media platforms to promote the works; since all mainstream private and public funded galleries have an more heritage agenda not relevant to the more Shamanic and symbolist inspired artworks currently being produced by the artist.

All the symbolist visual narrative diary that Claude Edwin Theriault has woven from 1980 to present… is to Visual Arts Nova Scotia VANS what Ashley Dwayne MacIsaac is to the Cape Breton Fiddlers Association….it really is.

Virtual Gallery walkthrough tour 1st floor Virtual walk through tour 2nd floor

Owner of one of the most interesting “Private Owned Art Collection” in all of Nova Scotia….BAR None : if not all of Atlantic Canada. 

You just do not know it yet...

The artworks were in Quebec and Ontario until Spring of 2018 when The artist moved them back to Nova Scotia; since you cannot become an influential presence without being in the Nova Scotia provincial scene. Since arriving there are showings in Artist Run Gallery Trécarré located on the campus of Université Sainte-Anne in the rural Acadian community of Baie Sainte-Marie Nova Scotia.

As opposed to the more Insular Halifax climate which has the standard default …” We are not accepting new artist submissions at this time”. Which is a polite and politically correct but useless and dated way of saying “we are not interested” cause we are Haligonian centrique as much as we was back  in the 1980’s .

Since Halifax always was and is still to this day very Haligoniacentric unto itself. It is the capital and therefore very bureucratic, neaning clicks that make up the Halifax Metro area clan .

Where you have to be “Connected ” with the right people who nwever leave town , let alone venture 300 kms to the French Acadian shore and experience a culture different for their precious little  1723 Hollis St, Halifax, NS B3J 1V9 scene they feel is so cool , when it is simply Insular, as is there equally pretentious satellite AGNS 

Bureaucrates …there for the paycheck, hip replacement and the almighty pension. Which is great since self representing artist have never had such a wealth of free marketing tools at their disposals to promote  themselves . By placing their relevant content in front of a targeted audience interested in what they have to say on an artistic and intellectual level.

Like the Artmajeur platform that is currently getting close to 1000 visitors per day and ranking very well in the Wall Art/ Home Decor sphere….as you can go an see…

The newly set up ARTPathat is getting more and more traction…especially the Homoerotic section of Male Nudes mainstream Nova Scotia has not been able to get it’s head around …yet.

But is learning to do so since it is …no big deal at all in 2018.More like fresh air then Verboden of old 1970s.

Click the  link to my  Pinterest/malebeautyforum account with the many boards of Curated Content found there and backlink love starts to flow to an artist page…There is also my trending profile on Fine Art America.…. Or the even more French Acadian Artist Culture that I  set that up and it works like a charm. It all part of the new mindset of DIY. Since publicly funded mainstream will not do a thing for the self representing artist types. In these times of great social change. Where a self representing artist can create a smart contract on Ethereum hosted Blockchain Storefront for 3-D gif Tokens on Open

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