French Acadian Culture

French Acadian Culture

Been busy since May of whenever period that see the collection of French Acadian Artist Claude Edwin Theriault ,go from canvas and paper to Rotating 360 degree, Visual Faberge Eggs that calm the mind as you gaze at them gazing back at you…moving beyond the Digby Co, frozen in time land of Maude Lewis.

Out onto the Bounding mane of the store front platforms of Trending Digital 3-D gif artist worth buying due to the resell potential.

The Congrès mondial acadien 2024 (CMA2024), an international gathering that celebrates Acadian culture and is expected to attract up to 100,000 participants, will be held in southwest Nova Scotia. The event is to be held over nine days from Aug. 10 to 18, 2024…. guess who isn’t invited.

There is so much more to this vibrant community then what is out there. Early artist inspiration was Maritime folk Art , now more First Nations Inspired and runs parallel to equally interesting Nova Scotian tymes

Since there is little room for fresh self representing artistic voice and expression.If the standard Canadian Arts Council clan are not behind it, then it does not see the light of day.

Have a look at 3-D gifs I now build & deploy onto Blockchain Art Platforms

Big take away here…When an artist does work that everyone likes, an artist is doing work that everyone likes, period end of story. It all stays there on that level your years .

Virtual Gallery walkthrough tour 1st floor Virtual walk through tour 2nd floor..

However when an artist does work that messes up the Mise-en-plis up do hairdo of the ruling Academic Bureaucrates that run French Acadian Culture like the Patrimonial old Guard “Business” all due to no one wanting to see; let alone give time to visually think out and come to grasp artwork that is a reflection of the here $&$ Now.

 When one doing this Pattern Interrupt then we know a culture is “Getting Somewhere”.

All cultural representations are in Acadian Music, Culture, Festivals and Genealogy in Nova Scotia…. and that’s it that’s all, very challenging for an artist to have a voice. 

The spirit of French Acadians is very vibrant and innovative, like everything everywhere the internet has changed the collective mindset of this Patrimonial culture.

Seeing big change with Spring moon 2020

All over Social Economic 5G Enabled rebbot of Bitcoin Jesus Cryptos and ghw they fit in with Etereum Blockachain hosted Smart Contracts that will provide the New Digerati the visual art they can feel and relate to ,so they own a pie of it vis a quick Stater type of deal called coin mining all = massive changes from the  From Bretton Woods System Kodachrome days zip/to ARPANET that is matching buyers and sellers with a solid Libor trade settlement after they agree to do a Smart contract trade of Artwork for money.MBF-Lifestyle  Artist Claude is doing in  his DApp Coin Mined Hive of Intellectual Property Activity world  where he is sorta like a Franco Cajun Nordic Celtic version of New England Massachusetts style  parallel narrative . Of sea ,sky howling Cajun wolf wind flying over  it’s sea bound Nova Scotia coast then moving onward to open Atlantic like the International Satellite Fly by scene in Zeus and the Cup Bearer Painting.

Have a look at the image below depicting the Annapolis Valley area circa 1707. Get a copy of it for your home….go have a look.

Pattern Interrupt

The mainstream bread winner is french acadian song, music with emphasis on accents, saying and dialect. Leaving the visual arts out for the most part, providing it is visual representations of Evangeline et Gabriel .you can now ditigal asset the livin be’jesus out of it.

Written in The english language and published in 1847. The poem follows the “Story of a nice Acadian Girl” named Evangeline and her pain body search for her lost love Gabriel, set during the time of the Expulsion of the Acadians…..classic opera template.

It became Longfellow’s most famous work in his lifetime and remains one of his most popular and enduring works….. God bless.

The poem had a powerful effect in defining both Acadian history and identity in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. More recent scholarship has revealed the historical errors in the poem and the complexity of the Expulsion and those involved, which the poem ignores. And Academic Bureaucrats just make an Industry out of it; get one government grant after another to keep the Tourist Industry flatlining on…………………..

The current Acadian cultural Hermitage site is Grand-Pré Heritage site key note as to why it became Canada’s 16th World Heritage Site inscribed by UNESCO in 2012.

Since it is where the tourist go to … uncover the tale of Le Grand Dérangement: a tragic event in Acadian history that has shaped the vibrant culture of modern-day Acadians across the globe through its quiet but powerful renaissance.

Yet there is no sympathy for todays plight of the close to 70 million people currently in a state of deportation.A is shown in the Al Weiwei documentary Human Flow.

That we are all in a state of Human Flow like Al Weiwei tries show us ,  yet, no one is interested.

Self representation is the only option for the ones who are not in the beautiful clicks and clans . Comes as no surprise ,cliques and clans is a global phenomenon. Go have a look The Youtube channel that features the artwork of Nova Scotia based French Acadian Artist Claude Edwin Theriault, it has passed the One Million Views… go figure. That is what happens when mainstream misses the boat on the new 3-D NFT Smart Contract hosted digital art on Ethereum Blockchain.

Be daring and actually subscribe to the Channel so that Youtube can keep you informed by sending you video updates as soon as they are posted .

Till then go have a look at the busy innovative Shamanic Inspired Online French Acadian Art Gallery of Claude Edwin Theriault it just might show you a different side of the Culture, yet  parallel  mainstream.

Read relevant Nova Scotia Artist Gallery info at my blog post.

Stand by for updates on the coming up for sale availability of these close to one hundred works on canvas and several hundred works on paper.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQ) tourist ask at Grand Pre……….

What is the meaning of the Acadian Flag?

What are the main Acadian Customs ?

What are traditional  Acadian Dishes?

What is the difference between Acadians and Quebecois ?

What are some Acadian dialect words ?

Why is Acadian Music and dance so important ?

The list is standard usual suspects in a list of tired stereotypes in need of a post zero point cultural revamp, that is coming soon, in the 5G enabled Digital Art scene.

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