Hot Cold Stone Massage

I  am Returning to the GTA area in Spring 2020… after closing the Toronto based Men’s Spa Massage Studio established since 1997-2018 ….so come visit again when I have more location information… Click the link and have a look at the News on… HotStoneMassage By using using geo-thermal-therapy the Hot Basalt & Cold Marble Stones I […]

X-Body Training EMS

XBODYFitnessCanada is only for the truly innovative fitness types who really want to up their game. MBF-Lifestyle is currently looking into getting an Actiwave Device if my client interest is strong enough to merit and justify the purchase. Although a workout will feel very odd at first, due to the EMS making muscles contract without […]

Mens Swedish Massage Services

Swedish MassageTherapy has been the perfect after Workout chaser for the average run of the mill Athlete types, since the dawn of time.     What you can expect is 5 major techniques of  effleurage, friction, petrissage, tapotement with vibration and shaking done by skilled registered and licensed hands, trained in a alternative medical systems school. It […]

Chakra Health

In brief the; 1st Root:located at bass of spine/Pubis is Foundation and Grounding, 2nd Sacral:Lower Back/below Navel is Emotion Sexuality, 3rd Solar Plexus:Mid-Back below Sternum is Personal Power, Autonomy,Metabolism, 4th Heart:Mid Chest Shoulder Blades is love and Integrity, 5th Throat:Uppermost Chest and Upper Back is Communication and Creativity, 6th Brow:Between Eyebrows and Back of head […]