Chakra Health

In brief the;

1st Root:located at bass of spine/Pubis is Foundation and Grounding,

2nd Sacral:Lower Back/below Navel is Emotion Sexuality,

3rd Solar Plexus:Mid-Back below Sternum is Personal Power, Autonomy,Metabolism,

4th Heart:Mid Chest Shoulder Blades is love and Integrity,

5th Throat:Uppermost Chest and Upper Back is Communication and Creativity,

6th Brow:Between Eyebrows and Back of head allows for seeing physically and intuitively,

7th Crown: Topmost part of Head relates to conciousness or the universal e-mail as I like to call it.

Since it gives an awareness and with awareness one is not so attached to thoughts  and the forms that go with thoughts,but more aware and present which is the best beauty tip there is out there in the media world of “Image”

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